Greetings Defenders,

Thanks for all of your feedback on the DDII pillars in my last blog post! It’s exciting to see how invested our players are in the development process. Today I’d like to share how we plan to honor that investment by incorporating the suggestions and feedback we receive from you.

First, though, I want to define what suggestions and feedback mean to us, and the distinction between the two:

What Are Suggestions?

  • Suggestions are ideas or plans put forward for consideration.
  • In our case, we’re looking for fresh ideas and plans that are not currently incorporated in the playable game.
  • These can include ideas about new heroes, maps, loot, or more.

What Is Feedback?

  • Feedback is a reaction to a product or service that is used to improve said product or service.
  • For us, it’s important to get honest responses about our game, our social media presence, and more.
  • These responses can be positive or negative.
  • They can also be aided or unaided.
    • Aided feedback is what we ask for when we have you comment on a blog post or respond to a survey.
    • Unaided feedback is when you send us emails, tweets, or other communication about whatever’s on your mind.
  • Ultimately, both types help us keep to our Pillars.

Your feedback ties everything together — it allows us to fine-tune and perfect not only our own game designs, but the implementation of your suggestions, as well. Without it, we would not have gone back to our roots to create a true Dungeon Defenders sequel.

And while that’s the biggest example of your feedback having a direct affect on the development of Dungeon Defenders II, it’s not the only one. Your aided and unaided feedback has led to:

Another pass on our defenses to make them feel much more powerful.


And a few other projects we’ll be revealing in the very near future.

What We Got Wrong In the Past (And How We’re Fixing It)

We definitely used feedback as a part of our decision-making process while developing the original Dungeon Defenders, but we put too much emphasis on catering to the vocal minority. In other words, we paid more attention to the loudest voices in the community, without utilizing a scientific approach to gauge whether or not those perspectives lined up with what the majority of our players desired.

In order to improve how we gather and use suggestions and feedback, we are implementing the following initiatives:

Community Reports (Through Josh Isom)
Each week, our community team will compile a list of your suggestions and feedback that will then be presented to our production team for consideration. After evaluating this list, the production team will place any approved items into our development schedule where they will be integrated as soon as possible.

Suggestions Platform with Upvoting Trigger
We’re in the beginning stages of implementing a new platform for gathering and sorting through your suggestions and feedback. This platform will not only collect all of the awesome things our playerbase has to share with us about DDII; it will actually give the players the power to visibly influence which items we prioritize.

The details still need to be ironed out, but I can say that the items on this platform will be very important in collecting data for Josh’s weekly community reports!

Moving Forward

Not every piece of feedback or suggestion will be incorporated into Dungeon Defenders II, but our goal is to always listen and always keep the community in mind so that we can make a game that is fun, engaging, and constantly evolving. The initiatives outlined above will make it much easier for you to share your opinions about the game, and much easier for us to evaluate them against our pillars.

As part of this plan, we want to hear your thoughts about this new process. Do you feel it could still be improved from what we’ve outlined here? Please post below, send them to us on Facebook or Twitter, or email me personally at

The random winner of our Map Layout blog is Furied!

Leave a comment to get your hands on the Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha. We’ll pick a random poster and reveal the winner in our next blog post!

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