Defenders of Etheria, the moment you’ve waited for is finally here. At long last, we have the honor and privilege of (re)introducing you to: The Squire!

The Squire is a little different than you remember. Rest assured, though, all of the things that make him the Greatest (and most enthusiastic) Hero of Etheria are completely intact. He’s still a durable, no-nonsense tank, a helmet-clad wrecking ball, and a blur of steel and pain. Time to explore what the new and improved Squire is all about!


The Orc Stops Here

In the original Dungeon Defenders, the Squire was a dependable protector of the Eternia Crystals. He’s still a dependable protector in DDII, but he’s also learned how to put enemies in their place. When the Squire Provokes his enemies, his taunting draws in nearby enemies while reducing the damage of their attacks. It also increases his movement speed, so he can quickly reach an ally or a defense that’s in trouble.


He Came In Like a Cannon Ball

Provoke does a good job of pushing (well, pulling) enemies around, so what’s the next logical step? Knocking them back! His Bouncer Blockade served this purpose in DDI, but now it’s handled expertly by his Cannonball Tower. Ammo from this Tower explodes on impact, hurling enemies into the air. Put a few of these behind some Blockades, and he can easily manage a lane.


Like a Squire in a China Shop

The Squire loves to deliver the final blow, and his Training Dummy lets him do just that. It slices, it dices, it knocks back, but best of all, the Squire can have a direct impact on how much damage it deals. With a few whacks from his weapon, the Training Dummy starts to spin, gaining momentum and power.

The Training Dummy also spins when it’s hit by enemies (or allies!), so he can force a horde of Orcs and Goblins to attack it by blocking off the path to the core with Spike Blockades. With a few Cannonball Towers sheltered in the back, it becomes a perfect cycle of destruction.

This is just a taste of the Squire’s new arsenal. He’s still got plenty of tricks that highlight his role as macho tank, melee warrior, and knockback king. Now that you’ve seen how his defenses and abilities work together, what kind of combos can you come up with? Let us know in the comments section and you could get your hands on a Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha invite!

The random winner of our Ogre blog is Darkman_0!

Leave a comment to get your hands on the Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha. We’ll pick a random poster and reveal the winner in our next blog post!

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