01. What is this FAQ?

This is a place for us to communicate the answers to frequently asked questions with Dungeon Defenders fans. We will not only be updating these answers as we develop Dungeon Defenders II, but we will be adding new questions that are frequently asked on our forums and blog.

02. What is Dungeon Defenders II?

Dungeon Defenders II is a co-operative action tower defense game that incorporates heavy roleplaying elements. In it, up to four players will work together to place defenses, fight back the enemy hordes, and collect a ton of loot. Together, you will have to take back Etheria!

03. How is Dungeon Defenders II different from Dungeon Defenders?

Dungeon Defenders II is an evolution of the action tower defense genre as a whole. We are currently looking to take the core gameplay experience of Dungeon Defenders and inject more meaningful decisions into the minute to minute gameplay that you’ll want to share with your friends.

We are currently hard at work developing new combat and defense placement systems as well as an entirely new defense and ability interaction system that will give players a wealth of new strategic options when setting up their defenses. We are also working on more interactive maps and a new mission structure that will allow the whole community to shape the course of the game.

04. When is Dungeon Defenders II scheduled for release?

Originally, our plan was to follow the recent Early Access trends and release the game in a rough “pre-alpha” state with many features missing in Spring 2014. After analyzing the feedback from our Defense Council, we discovered that Dungeon Defenders II is not the kind of game that benefits from a super unfinished early access like DayZ or Rust. To focus on delivering you a more complete, high-quality Dungeon Defenders experience from the beginning, we’ve decided to hold Early Access. You can read more about the decision here.

The Early Access version of Dungeon Defenders II will be available when it’s ready. Stay tuned to our website for more information.

05. How will the community be involved in the development of Dungeon Defenders II?

As we develop Dungeon Defenders II we will be getting the community directly involved in the creation of the game. The first of these major initiatives will launch in late October.

06. What platforms will Dungeon Defenders II be available on?

Dungeon Defenders II is currently in development for PC, Mac, & Linux.

07. Is Dungeon Defenders II a moba?

No, Dungeon Defenders II is not a moba. We were originally working on a MOBA-style pvp game as the sequel to Dungeon Defenders, but scrapped those plans in favor of creating a true sequel to the original.

08. Will you continue support Dungeon Defenders?

Support for Dungeon Defenders will be slowing down, but we will continue to support the game in the near future with community events.

09. How much will Dungeon Defenders II cost?

Dungeon Defenders II will be free-to-play. Right now we are solely focused on making the core gameplay of Dungeon Defenders II more exciting than the original.

10. Why free-to-play?

Dungeon Defenders had a steady release of DLC for over a year after it’s release. In many ways this content release scheduled mimicked that of a free-to-play game, yet players still had to pay for the content and the original game! We decided we could better serve our players by releasing Dungeon Defenders II as free-to-play game and no longer gating content to only those who payed.

11. What is playverse?

Playverse is a proprietary, cross-platform game network in development at Trendy Entertainment. It allows players to play the same game on the same servers across all supported platforms. It also supports nifty things like dynamic content streaming and dynamic loading and abstracts many of the social features frequently found in online games.

12. Is the game pay-to-win?

No, Dungeon Defenders II will not be pay-to-win.

13. What are the minimum system requirements for Dungeon Defenders II?

We will be announcing the minimum system requirements closer to launch. Our engine team is currently hard at work optimizing the game.

14. What is the Defense Council?

The Defense Council is an evolving program in which a limited number of Dungeon Defenders fans can participate in and advise the development of Dungeon Defenders II. After launch, the Defense Council will be a group of in-game players making crucial decisions that influence the community-wide war effort against the Old Ones.

15. As part of the Defense Council, how often do we get to play Dungeon Defenders II?

In the beginning, Defense Council members will have access to play sessions of Dungeon Defenders II every other week. As we get closer to Alpha, these play sessions will increase in frequency. When we hit early access, Defense Council members will be able to play continuously with everyone else.

16. How can I join the Defense Council?

There are two ways to join the Defense Council:

  1. Donate $30 or more to Child’s Play by using the Humble Widget here starting at 6pm EST on Monday, November 11th. There are only 500 of these slots available, so act quickly!

  2. Bid on one of 10 seats on our Trendy eBay page found HERE. (Link available 11/11)

We will also be giving a few seats away to the community, so stay tuned to the forums!


17. Is the Defense Council the only way to play Dungeon Defenders II before release?

No, there will be many opportunities to play Dungeon Defenders II before its release. Like our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for updates on future opportunities.

18. What is Child’s Play?

Child’s Play is a charity that seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the kindness and generosity of the video game industry and the power of play. With a network of over 90 hospital facilities worldwide, gamers make a profound impact on quality of life for sick and injured children. To learn more, visit http://www.childsplaycharity.org

19. What are the minimum system requirements for the Defense Council?

The Defense Council will be playing Dungeon Defenders II in its pre-alpha state. As such there are currently no minimum system requirements. We will be optimizing the game as we get closer to alpha, so if you have issues please let us know in the Council forums! To start, the Defense Council will only be playable on PC. However, Dungeon Defenders II will be released on PC, Mac, and Linux.

20. Will there be other ways to join the Defense Council after launch?

We’ll still have a few Council seats available after launch, and you can earn those by participating in our community. The majority of positions in the first Council term will be taken, but don’t worry! There will be more opportunities for you to join the Council later on, and other ways for you to play Dungeon Defenders II before release.

21. If I were to join the Council, will I be able to keep my progress and characters as we go into beta and launch?

No. In fact, Council members will be playing the game so early that many progression and character development systems won’t even be implemented yet! Additionally, we don’t want to give Council members an unfair advantage over other players, so all character progress will be wiped before launch.


22. What are playverse’s web policies?

Playverse Account Registration

• When choosing your Playverse username or Playverse name, DO NOT use

personal information (for example, your full name, surname or e-mail

address) that can be used to identify who you are. Your Playverse name is the

name that will be used to identify you publicly on Playverse.

• It is important that you remember your Playverse username and password

and that you keep your Playverse username, password and any security

questions in a safe offline location.


No Refunds

• No refunds will be made for purchases of Virtual Goods, items that are

downloadable, or that were obtained using Playverse Credit.

• Downloaded products or account keys purchased to activate or unlock downloaded

software are non-refundable at any time.


No Cancellations

Once you have submitted an order on-line through the store, the purchase is not


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