In my first blog post I referenced the five pillars of Dungeon Defenders II. These rules define the kind of experience we want to create and are used to assess every feature that makes it into our game.


Many of you may have heard the phrase: “Easy to learn, difficult to master.” This pillar is the “easy to learn” part. We’ll be working with the Defense Council and the entire community to constantly refine the camera, UI, controls, naming conventions, and more to achieve this goal.

Easing players into the nuanced features of Dungeon Defenders II


We were blown away when some of you clocked in over 500 hours during the launch weeks of Dungeon Defenders. This time we’re designing the game from the ground up with that level of replayability in mind. With every feature we’re asking ourselves, “Is this fun to play again?” If it’s not, we scrap it, as each feature should always give players a reason to WANT to come back.

Well Paced Rewards

In the original Dungeon Defenders, you can play survival for hours and have nothing to show for it. For the sequel, we’re focusing on a more layered approach, so players get meaningful, overlapping rewards throughout their gameplay experience. We want players to always feel rewarded, from the moment to moment core gameplay loop to our short and long term progression features.

Rewarding players with awesome tower upgrades!

Gameplay Depth

If Accessibility is the “easy to learn,” Gameplay Depth is the “difficult to master.” In Dungeon Defenders II we are developing simple systems that will allow players to create complex interactions through emergent gameplay. We plan to add interweaving depth for each of the game aspects: Action, Tower Defense, and Roleplaying. That leads us to our fifth and final pillar…

Action, Tower Defense, and Role Playing Work Together

Our game systems can’t function in a void, and each aspect of Dungeon Defenders II has to support the others. Even if we have an idea for the most awesome Action element gaming has ever seen, if it doesn’t also support Tower Defense and Role Playing, we won’t use it.

The Apprentice uses his Cyclone ability to decimate goblins with the Monk’s Skyguard Tower


If you’re thinking, “These pillars are obvious,” then you’re absolutely right! These pillars make up the foundation of Dungeon Defenders II, and they should be obvious. If we hold every new idea to the standard set by these pillars, we can be sure we’re creating an experience that’s fun and rewarding for everyone.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments for a chance to win a Defense Council seat. Congrats to the winner from our last blog post \/4n!114 ][c3. We’ll send you a PM with your free Council seat code!

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